Engineering Consultancy

SMARD aims at being the Project Management Consultancy,supports the customers business objectives and consistently delivering projects that meet cost, schedule and quality throughout the entire project life cycle.The consultancy takes us into the project from the concept stage. We identify projects; we design them; we build them and we provide consultancy for interiors & Fitouts. In short, we provide our expertise at each stage of the projects as per the requirements of the customers or their representatives, in close consultation with them at every stage. We are handling the projects in creative approach that often generates innovative solutions.

We involve ourselves from the Engineering stage, through Procurement ending with Construction. Our consultants inspect the sites, design the houses, facilitate procurement of the materials, and finally, scrutinise and supervise the construction till the houses are equipped for occupation. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and reliability, which makes us trusted advisors to our clients.

Engineering Procurement

The EPC- Engineering, Procurement & Construction set-up provides developers and owners with a single point of contact throughout the project execution phase and reduces financial risks.

SMARD is a construction company that performs, manages, and coordinates all project engineering, procurement, and construction services in conjunction with an engineering firm.

Our in-house team delivers smart, responsive, end-to-end engineering, procurement, and construction solutions to our clients.We, At SMARD will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver the Project to the clients.We execute and deliver the project within an agreed time and budget.

Our services for EPC projects cover: Project management, Detailed engineering, Procurement, Construction management & construction Supervision.

Procurement is one of the key areas that can make or break your budgets, timelines, and construction quality. Smard expertise in design and engineering, construction, and construction management. So we employ proven strategies for procuring building materials, Optimize your materials and processes, Negotiate lower costs , Maximize your tax benefits, Maintain productivity and efficiency throughout the job site.

Real Estate

SMARD has grown from strength to strength, have successfully completed numerous projects in both Residential and Commercial segments.Based in Coimbatore, SMARD consists of a team of professionals who bring a sense of worth to the workplace. With shared beliefs and ideals, strong work ethic and a dedication to the task at hand, the people at SMARD have always risen to any challenge by staying responsible, responsive and committed to the needs of the clients.

SMARD is committed to the highest standards in design, construction and meeting deadlines with no compromise. With quality and attention to detail as central to every project, the company is confident of taking on the future with confidence.Some of the prestigious projects handled by the company stand testimony to their prowess in the field. Committed to turning the innate vision of their clients into concrete reality, SMARD leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the clients get what they deserve – the very best.

We are a professionally managed property developing company that has placed clients satisfaction.At SMARD we are dedicated to create the highest-quality homes to be loved and lived in. we keep in mind the emotional and practical priorities of the people who will reside in our properties. SMARD has always been an environmentally conscious real - estate developer creating world class homes that provide a healthy, sustainable and affordable lifestyle for all its residents.

The exemplary work carried out at Ahalya Hospital and Sabari Enclave near Palaghat Proves us, what SMARD can achieve in terms of quality construction and meeting deadlines.

Modular Building Solutions

What are Modular Buildings?

Modular buildings are constructed using a core set of prefabricated building components called modules. These prefab building modules are individually designed so that they can be combined together in different ways to form a wide variety of building functions.

What we Offer?

Smard was established for the design, manufacture and installation of modular buildings. Using recognized materials paired with modular building technology, We offer cost-effective, fast –track construction. Smard’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility develops large modular buildings in short timeframes. A strategic location enables us to transport manufactured modules directly to customers worldwide via sea or land, saving valuable delivery time.

We are using high-tech materials that are designed for a combination of optimum energy efficiency, flexible interconnectivity and structural integrity. The specific processes we use to deliver modular building projects ensures us to consistently keep projects on time and on budget.

Using recognized materials paired with modular building technology results in a very cost-effective, fast-track construction process.


Time Saving

Using prefabricated building modules saves build time and reduces architect time on several aspects of a project.


All of our modular building systems offers the flexibility to grow and adapt clients business needs.

Reusability & Portability of Building Modules

When a modular building is complete, it will continue to be a cost effective option as it offers the flexibility to disassemble and re-configure parts of the building over time. It is even possible to move your entire building to a new location.

Cost Savings

Modular construction is a much more efficient process than traditional construction, often saving 50% or more compared with the cost of a traditional building.

Minimal disruption On-Site

Smard fabricates up to 95% pre-finished modular units in our factory, which allows for quick and easy installation on-site.Commercial or residential, all kinds of buildings can be completed in record time and also within budget.Because our modular buildings are pre-manufactured off-site, the process of constructing it on-site is far less intrusive on the immediate environment and, overall, is cleaner and less disruptive to the surrounding community.

Extremely Durable

There are many building applications where traditional builds just cannot compete with modular builds. In particular, where durability are required, such as in the construction industry, any damage potentially done to a building module can be easily and cheaply repaired.

Fit Outs

SMARD specializes in interior & civil fitout for industrial, commercial offices, Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional and retails.

Our projects illustrates our skills in combining aesthetic and operational requirements to create the harmonious and complete results our clients expect. We proudly set the standards of excellence in civil & interior implementation. We with our expertise are able to understand the requirement of workplace of client and ensured them to deliver it on time with best quality products.Our goal is to create environment that are expression of excellence and customized interior design to enhance the quality of life.


Smard is a group of professionals specialized in the field of Interior designing & Furnishing and supports towards the space management suiting the best environment.At Smard, we believe that good design is critical to a successful project. Whether it’s replacing your floors, painting, new office furniture or a complete remodel, it’s the interior design that will pull the look and feel of your space together.

As a construction and design company, we are able to integrate both the creativity of the interior design with the practicality of the construction process.

Our designing team creates the ideas and uses them in a new way with new aspects keeping the valuable interest of the theme, the space, and forms the basis in exploring not only with texture or colours but plan to create an aesthetically viable decor and design.

We offer creative and bright echoes to your goals and requirements.By working together ingeniously from the start of a project, architects and engineers combine their knowledge to devise incorporated, endurable design solutions.

We specialize in design and problem solving apart from specific building typologies to offer creative solutions to a wide range of project types. Our client base includes Individuals, Institutions, Commercial, Health Care and so on.